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Thread: New Computer Troubles

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    I have a sound interface which acts as an external soudncard. It hooks up to my computer using firewire. This device worked perfectly on my old comptuer, but is now having issue son my new computer, which I built. I noticed that the audio interface does not work properly, unless I disable my new wireless pci card. Then, the interface works as expected.

    Since this interface worked on my previous computer without disabling the pci wireless card in that computer, I decided I would take out my new wireless card and replace it with my old one (the one that worked at the same time as my interface) to see if it worked. If it worked, I woudl kwno that for osme reasont here is a hardware conflict between my new wireless card and my sound interface.

    Well, the problem with this test is not the drivers for my old wireless card will not install on this machine. When the hardware wizard pops up in Windows XP, it wont evenr ecognize that I have the driver disc in my cd drive. It says my cd drive does not exist or is not "reachable". When I tell the wizard to just search my "media" instead of tellign it to look specifically on the cd drive, it says the INF is invalid.

    Even if I try installing the drivers from my hard drive instead of my cd drive, despite the installer completing, my computer still thinks there are no drivers for the wireless card.

    Do I need to reformat my computer and reinstall XP?

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    what is the sound card model, and wireless card models?
    You probably need to just download the latest drivers for each...

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    Actually, I have the latest drivers for each.

    Audio interface is an Alesis io|26. Wireless PCI card is an MSI PC60G.

    I just got a Linksys WUSB54GC. It does not cause problems with my audio interface, although it is much more expensive than my MSI wireless card and doesn't have as strong of a signal.

    If I could get my MSI working that would be great. Is it possible my audio interface and MSI PC60G just can't work together?

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    Try moving the card to another PCI slot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjamonkey View Post
    I have a sound interface
    Sounds to me like you actually have an unsound interface.
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    I tried moving the card to a different PCI slot. It made no difference.

    Everything works fine when I use my new USB wireless adapter. Just not the PCI adapter.


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