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Thread: EMI sales climb on iTunes Plus plan

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    “EMI's recently-appointed senior vice president of digital Lauren Berkowitz has confirmed significant success with the company's move to sell DRM-free tracks through iTunes.

    Speaking at a US music industry event, Berkowitz confirmed: "The initial results of DRM-free music are good."

    EMI began selling its music in high-quality DRM-free format last month. It's unrestricted catalogue is now available for sale from 7Digital and Apple's iTunes. In future, EMI will sell DRM-free music through Amazon and PassAlong Networks.

    Berkowitz said that initial success with DRM-free songs seems set to boost sales of digital albums, as well as songs. She confirmed that sales of the legendary Pink Floyd album, Dark Side of the Moon had increased since it shipped DRM-free - these are up 350 per cent.

    The other three major labels: Universal, Warner and Sony/BMG are reportedly studying the results of EMI's experiement closely. Those labels still favour rights-restriction in an attempt to protect their content, but market pressure may force them to emulate EMI and join Apple's iTunes Plus service.

    Labels in the independent sector have been cheerfully embracing DRM-free music for many years now, and claim their strategy has been successful.”

    Source: MacWorld

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    At least EMI know how embrace a growing trend and adapt itself to the digital world.

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    yes indeed i agree with you ulun64 and i think this will be a good business move for iTunes and the entire music industry loosing the DRM, even though i dont pay for music anyway
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