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Thread: Give Away

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    I have a few invites i would like to give away for the following sites:

    PWT (wrestling/mma) - 1invite
    Torrent vision (Tv Torrents)- 2 invites
    Demonoid (a bit of everything)
    Diwana (Australian/NZ TV/Sports Tracker) - 17 invites
    FCZ (Contact Sport tracker boxing/MMA/wrestling etc) - 1invite
    Scene Network (TV/Movies) - 1invite
    Aussie Torrents (Australian Tv Content) - 19 invites

    Please post 2 ratio's and a speed test - i realize that these are not the best trackers but i still ask for this stuff as i want to keep a good rep on all my torrent sites and i cant do that by inviting cheating scum or people who wont upload. I also believe it should be standard practice weather your trading Demonoid, ScT, FTN, or any other tracker no matter how great or small as it will help keep undesirables out of out trackers making it a much better Bit Torrent Community for all.
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    Hey mate! Can I get FCZ invite please? I'm really interested in boxing/kickboxing/sambo wrestling and sport overall.

    My ratios and speedtest:

    Thanks a lot!

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    SCN plz....

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    Nice man!!!
    Keep With the good work!!!

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