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Thread: Vietcong[full Game]

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    Hundreds of sources for it on eDonkey/Overnet/eMule

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    I am about to get this game in a min when i am finished with all my movies i am doing so when i finish that and get the game i will post it. I don't know it could be tommorrow around this time, because either way it goes your going to have for it so u can wait till i post or do like kevhead said and go to emule

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    I got it from kazza the files details are:

    File: FLT-VCN1.CUE
    Length: 74 Bytes,0KB
    UUHash: =HS1I3czxXL6F6VBnLKLTZbX///8=

    File: VIETCON2.CUE
    Length: 72 Bytes,0KB
    UUHash: =s2Ri6xTNztKL3vD2RL+igbf///8=

    File: FLT-VCN1.BIN
    Length: 827809920 Bytes,808408KB
    UUHash: =1F97tyDM4gpVp5tbIDPFT0Wd9qk=

    File: VIETCON2.BIN
    Length: 774659424 Bytes,756503KB
    UUHash: =OJBhlMpjNtu6/TpNxDv2kUYMy0Y=

    download the patches from the official site.

    all the cracks for version1, 1.1 & 1.2 can be found at


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    isnt there a ripped version of it????? I cant download large image files with my ******* connection!

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    this game is suck ...

    Vietcong is a game about Vietnam war and distort the truth. The loser try to win in a PC game. Does anyone know where Vietnam is ? lol

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    first: it's a great game, and secondly: vietnam is in southeast asia, between burma and laos...anything else?

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    hehe ...

    if someone make a game which play a role of a Nazis, shooting The Allied forces to achieve goal ??? Although this is a great game, how do u guys feel ???

    i dont wanna discuss abt political but here is something abt Vietnam: yesterday and today:


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