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Thread: Goldwave v5.20... I cannot use it's Tools!

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    I downloaded an unregistered version from the internet. I want to use its tools, but error windows pop up.

    For example...

    Tools > File Merger brings about this Error popup window "Error reading HDog->BorderStyle: Access vilation at address 6601E25C in module 'wblind.dll.' Read of address 00000020"

    Options > Register also brings up the same popup

    So does 'Options > Window' and 'Options > Toolbar' and 'Options > Storage' and 'Tool > CD Reader'


    I'll try rebooting...

    Nope rebooting didn't work
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    you have windows blinds installed? sounds like there is a conflict.

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    I honestly have no idea what windows blinds is... maybe it's a GUI feature... I'm on TinyXP Vista Edition (experience's)

    Can't find it to get rid of it..
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    Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?


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