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Thread: AVI to DVD problems

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    Well I have been using winavi for a pretty long time without any glitches, recently I go to convert my avi files to dvd files and I keep getting error messages and it say your file will now close. I delted it and reinstalled, and same problems. I actualy dont think its winavi at all now that i think of it, b/c i downloaded 2 other avi to dvd programs and am getting the same error messege.

    I just tried it one more time, just incase i am loosing my mind, I now am getting the following error. "Access violation at adress 00000000. Read of adress 00000000"
    Any ideas? I have used different files and different programs, but still no success.

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    Vista ?

    What version 7.6/7.7/8.0
    7.7 As a dodgy audio codec

    Have you recently installed a codec/Pack
    Unistall it Restart your comp
    test winavi see if this cures it,
    if not install codec pack again
    Open Winavi go to menu(Top left)
    General/Use the built in decoder
    If ticked untick restart winavi See if that helps
    If unticked tick it restart winavi See if that helps

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    Winavi ver 6.3 Windows XP

    How do i check codec/pack?

    Dont have those settings you are reffering to.

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    1-I suggest you get the newer version of winavi 8.0
    It supports more of the newer codecs

    2-easiest way Go to start/control panel /add or remove programs
    look carefully for the word codec
    make a list

    3- yours is an older winavi so i wouldn't know myself

    can you watch those avi movies on your comp ?
    and what program do you use vlc player /windows media player/other

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sudden View Post
    Best bet..... been messin around with it the past few days. seems like ever new version converts faster and faster.... got that TC/DVDSCR.... of 1408 concerted in 38mins

    EDIT: WinAvi's quality is sh*t

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    Quote Originally Posted by ram82082 View Post
    WinAvi's quality is sh*t
    Thank you for such an in-depth and thought provoking post.
    There isn't a bargepole long enough for me to work on [a Sony Viao] - clocker 2008


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