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Thread: What Do You You Usually Download?

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    My rule of thumb.

    Kazaa: mp3's and the odd movie (too many viruses, worms, diallers, fakes, spyware)
    Emule/BT: Guaranteed authentic big warez releases, movies, appz.

    My 0.02 anyway....

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    Dec 2002
    Always music & the software on rare occasions.

    I've only ever downloaded 1 film & that was a fake

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    Just music from Kazaa and WinMx

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    Guillaume's Avatar Kentish old lady BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    May 2003
    Music, books, movies... Basically all I can!

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    Music from Kazaa, everything big from eMule (also full albums).

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    Jun 2003
    Greenock, Scotland
    I download tv programs and games

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    Movies, porn

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    Music & Tv programmes

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    Movies , Porn , Music

    I use the verifieds for software - don't trust kazaa on it' own...

    but my download attention has bin on the Hulk workprint for about the last 20 years- more like 3 weeks but feels like 20 years...

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    what i have dloaded from kazaa: movies /tv eps /mp3s /games /appz
    i now rarely dload music anymore and games...for the last 12mths i could safely say all i have dloaded is movies and tv eps from kazaa..

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