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    anyone know if it's possible to share an internet connection on two desktop pcs using two wireless routers or is a wireless adapter going to be my only option?

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    i didn't understand 100% how you sayed !

    is easy !
    you just grab a rooter !
    and you have 2 choises : - wired or wireless !
    Most of the wireless ones have also minimum 5 ports for wired !
    So if i was you i go with the wireless one !
    but be advice if the pc's are in a room and the rooter in other you feel fill that the connection is not so powerfull anymore ! you will loose some speed !

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    AFAIK, wireless points can either be controllers, relays or clients.

    I think they would probably both want to be the controller, so I doubt it would work. If you haven't got the equipment already then forget it.

    The only way you can find out is to try it - set the ssid and channel number the same on both routers. If it works, please let us know.
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    yeah ive already got the equipment. i had a wireless router already and then my mom bought a bigger one for our two desktops to share the connection but she didn't realise you have to have a adapter for one of the pc's in order to connect to an access point wirelessly.

    the thing is we will be in completely different parts of the house, my room is kind of like an apartment because it is cut off from the house via a wall. but my room and the room with my moms pc arent really far enough away to cause much of a interference...i guess ill just have to try it and see what happens. thanx for the replies.


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