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Thread: Is Demonoid Down?

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    Jeff234's Avatar TL Addict BT Rep: +21BT Rep +21BT Rep +21BT Rep +21BT Rep +21
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    May 2007
    I'm getting this message:

    Error: Host Not Accessible

    The web host is not accessible.
    Possible sources of this error:
    • The host name is invalid
    • There was a DNS error
    • The web site may be unavailable
    • You may not be connected to the internet
    Please edit the URL, or search for it using Google.
    Google Web Accelerator version
    Windows XP 5.1

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    I *heart* torrents BT Rep: +2
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    same here

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    Looks like it

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    digitalmayhem's Avatar I <3 torrents! BT Rep: +4
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    I never use Demonoid, but the one time I need it because I can't find "I Married a Strange Person" anywhere else, it's freaking down. Lame.

    It's not DNS either. I have Demonoid in my host file and it's not working.
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    samoyan's Avatar Comedy Club Resident BT Rep: +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35
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    Lost Paradise
    Unable to connect...

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    THIS SUCKS. I want my musicks!

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    digitalmayhem's Avatar I <3 torrents! BT Rep: +4
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    IRC says it will be down for a while.

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    Australia N.S.W
    same for me too happy though I thought maybe my ISP maybe blocked it so its not my problem hehe its good for me coz I find good classic DVDr movies on there even though its a bit slow

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    sense's Avatar no soup for you! BT Rep: +5
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    Down for me as well , good thing I don't use it much.

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    I got onto it, but only the homepage.
    What I did was, I first typed in into the address bar.
    The problem loading page popped up.
    Then I pressed the Back button, which took me back to (my homepage).
    Then I pressed Foreward (to and I actually get through.
    I've been trying to use this strategy to search the torrents, but in vain.

    This is really strange. Can some one provide an explanation!?

    -----------------------------automerged doublepost-----------------------

    Hahaha I am such a genius.
    I am not getting and from the demonoid server - I'm getting it from firefox's cache. firefox stores the complete webpages that you visit, not just the url.

    To confirm this I first searched for "asdfasdfda" on demonoid and couldn't do my little trick to get a page to 'load'
    But then I searched a string that I have already searched on demonoid, "American Beauty", only to find a webpage pop up.

    Isn't that silly?

    Btw, American Beauty rocks. I watched it last night.
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