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Thread: Problem with Monitor or G. Card?

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    HI members

    I am using panasonic 17" monitor for long time. Recently the display has brighten up too much, its not the control in the monitor but its very very bright. I somehow controlled it by controller pad and again there is 3 horizontal link in the display..

    Is this monitor or card problem??? please suggests soon

    John Smith

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    Are you saying that you can't turn the brightness down with the controls on the monitor? If that's the case, then the fault almost certainly lies with the monitor itself.

    The graphics card itself is not likely to be the cause of the problem, although the settings could be.

    Th quick way to check would be to borrow a monitor from someone else. If it shows the same problem then the problem is with the graphics card settings.

    When you've checked that, or if you can't borrow another monitor, come back and tell us what graphics card/chip you've got. If you don't know that, grab a copy of SIW to gather info about the graphics card/chip.
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    HI lynx

    Thanks for the support. I changed the resolution of the monitor and then the problem was gone. So I am thinking theere is something wrong with AGP card now. I will look what card is it and will let you know as soon as I get off my computer... lots of work and again thanks for the that link.



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