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Thread: Why can't I see any files people share on SoulSeek?

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    I've been going to chatrooms with lotsa people in them, and click on many different people, and still I haven't gained access into one of their shared folder..

    They couldn't have all restricted access to only users on their userlist, could they?

    Could there be any other reason I can't see people's files?

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    If it says 'No Files Shared', it's because they aren't sharing any files....... with you.

    Refresh the rooms list and visit the room.

    It will appear that no one in there is sharing any files either, but since we have a lot of files, our upload queue lists stay rather busy with leechers, so we are selective with those that are aloud to download from us.

    I only add people to my list that I have downloaded from in the past, or that come to the FST room.

    If that is the message you're getting, I guess I've answered the question. If you're getting a different message when attempting to search files, then be more specific and let us know what it says.

    Adster? wizeard?

    The FST group

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    Yeah I clicked on a punch of users at once and each one was saying ... "Waiting for List..." and I got frantic that something terribly was wrong with my connection.
    I understand now... after about 2 minutes of waiting some people's lists actually popped up.
    Thanks for the response, tho


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