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    Hi I have the original 7 cd Phantasmagoria sitting here looking at me. If someone gives me a clue how I share it I will be happy to do so, new to all of this. Sorry have not got the sequel tho.

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    Hi, i want to help tou to share the game so please contact me,


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    I also have this game, although I crafted it into a single DVD.

    I would suggest doing that before sharing it in any fashion rhab.

    Then the question comes, how would you like to share it? Bittorrent, Newsgroups, FTP, YouSendit, it's your choice.
    I would upload it to a newsgroup myself. Then create an NZB to it, that way you only have to upload 1 complete copy and it will be hosted for a maximum of 50 days.

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    This Game looks like total Shiet! It got 6.0 on GSPOT!!!
    And 5.9 respectivley! I saw the screenshots and i realize why!!


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