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Thread: Photoshop 7 Me

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    no one can help with this? plz! :'(

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    What does the Me stand for ? There are a lot of working downloads of Photoshop 7. Have you tried a search ? Obvious question but you never know what is overlooked !

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    dunno bout the Me bit, but there are *hundereds* of search results on Kazaa

    there is one, which has size 164,234 and has 56 users (from my quick search) Id try that one
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    but this is a pretty speacil version of Photoshop 7 that i&#39;m searching&#33;
    i&#39;m searching Photoshop 7 Me don&#39;t thik it&#39;s a regular Photoshop 7&#33;
    i&#39;m saying it&#39;s a special version...

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    Are you sure about this ? Check on the Adobe website but I have never heard of this release and graphics software is something I&#39;m pretty up to speed on

    Not that you would guess that from my cheesy sig but anyway

    the only ME I know of ( aside from myself of course ) is the windows Millennium Edition operating system


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