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Thread: FTN, SCT, Indie and other giveaway

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    I am back and i am in a hurry (not that much). I have to leave for India after 3-4 days on some work and i dont know when i will get back and even more uncertain about whether i will have access to the internet there or not as my boss was saying its a remote area. But you guys dont worry, i am here to fulfill my promise of second giveaway. So now what i am here for :

    1 FTN invite
    1 Sct invite (its your headache to get in)
    1 Indietorrents
    1 Revolutiontt
    1 TTi
    4 Torrentleech
    few demonoid codes (for noobs though i am a noob too )

    Sorry, last time i promised oink too but yesterday I gave that away to a member here as he requested it.

    Rules :
    1) Dont PM me, Please
    2) Post whatever you think will be helpful for you in getting invites

    3) Dont write anything about last time, start fresh

    I will PM the winners and will close the thread when everything is done,so keep checking till it ends
    and for me all of you are equal whether new or old, so don't care about that.

    And this time i will name the winners (other thn FTN)

    So the game begins
    Don't give me reputation points for anything and for any reason, i don't like them

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    wow nice
    “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

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    please ftn or sct, ratios and speedtest in sig.

    its a little hard to believe...

    thanks in advance(?)

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    good luck mate .

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    I would like SCT, i heard it's the fastest with pre times. I hope u will give it to me, because I always seed at least to 1 ratio.

    Besides that impossible wish, I would very much like RevTT.

    A possible reason to make me a lucky winner is that i have family nearby New Delhi.

    nothing special, but anyway:
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    very nice giveaway!
    good luck to all!

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    I'm applying for either the FTN or ScT invite, thanks. As you can see from my ratios I try very hard to keep an extreme buffer and will definitely use the invite(not trade it).






    I also have 100mbit seedbox and here is the best pic I have of it in action so far:

    Edit: Stats of Seedbox are here:

    Today's Speedtest:
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    nice giveaway, good luck to you all!

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    nice giveaway!

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