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Thread: Sega Genesis Roms

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    I realize that the Sega Genesis is an old console by today's standards, however I really like these old games. Upon checking out a brand new version of Kega (yep, there is a guy still perfecting a sega emulator&#33, I have a renewed interest in collecting Sega Genesis games.

    I would like to find a ziped file of all Sega Genesis roms. (so far, no luck) Also, I am unable to locate ANY Sega Genesis CD games anywhere.

    Can anyone help?

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    Originally posted by soopaman@16 June 2003 - 00:25
    Doc Hollywood.

    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me

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    Na, bittorrent. suprnova

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    Originally posted by Xelotath@16 June 2003 - 00:51
    you might want to check out Bytemonsoon i know they have some old consoles game zip files to DL off of BT
    Ok gang...

    Im checking out the Bytemonsoon site right now... (fingers crossed).



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