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Thread: torrent invites

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    hi all. i know i am new to this site and probably sound naive , but why dont more people give invites away that they dont always need. i understand the trading system is fun , but what about those who have nothing to trade but are genuine people.
    the better trackers are all but impossible to sign up to nowadays , which leaves people open to the problems of public sites. luckily i joined a great site 2 years ago , but i cannot move on to a good different tracker because there is just no room. no matter how hard i try or how hard i work at seeding.
    There are some people out there who have not even managed to sign up to a decent tracker at all.
    surely with us all being part of one community we should help each is great but helping others should be part of it too.
    This is not meant to cause offence to anyone . I would just like to hear others opinions.
    the great site i am part of do not allow invites. but i have some tl invites if any one needs one.

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    I agree in a way, this whole thing is supposed to be about sharing, there are some trackers I'd really like but won't have any chance to get, luckily, like you I'm already on some great trackers. But to get a level 8 tracker, like I want , for free is not very likely to happen.

    On the other hand I get that a lot people in here wanna be careful and not give out invites just like that to a high level tracker since you yourself could get in trouble if that guy/girl cheats.

    plz leave opinions in this thread! cheers


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