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Thread: Anyone Know Any Commadns For A 56ker

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    what i need help with is have my system tell my modem to disconnect from the internet after my line rings at least twice so i can pick up the call, then if it is also possible i need my modem to dial automatically to sign on again. i hope this can be done but i'm mainly looking for the first part on help. btw i have win 98 and the modem is v.92.
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    How is your phone going to ring if it is busy?

    Anyway v92 has some sort of thing that you can use the phone at the same time as you are online, if I,m not mistaken.
    I really don't know much about the v92 as I have been dealing with broadband since before v92 was available.

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    I'm on broadband now, but when i had a 56k i had the V.92 and mine was setup out of the box to pop up a little window when there was a call it worked so well that I turned the damn thing off. But then i couldn't remember how to turn it back on. So in short i'm of no use to you but i know atleast you can get notification somehow some way


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