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Thread: Karma

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    I don't believe in Karma. I don't believe that virtue is rewarded and sin creates suffering.
    Prove to me that it is true.
    The burden of proof belongs to those who believe there is Karma, so you can't just say "prove to me it isn't."

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    I don't believe in Karma(Or any other Indian food). I do believe that you pay the price for the type of life that you lead. The majority of 'evil' people that I have known in my lifetime all died in their 40's and 50's. That may be a blessing considering all the ails that come with old age.
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    You seem rather hyperactive today.
    I believe I wish you were Karma.
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    Trying to prove Karma is real is like trying to prove God exists, in my opinion. It's more a belief/state of mind that the person has than a tangable, provable thing.

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    I think karma is bullshit.

    People have the dumbest reasons for believing in karma. It's like folks that believe in horoscopes.

    If a guy a killed someone then a year later gets hits by a bus and dies, people will say that's karma.

    They STFU though when a person that didn't do such a thing gets hit by a bus and dies.

    I believe there are people that are evil and do evil things and all their life pretty much nothing really bad happens to them.

    I believe there are good people that mainly do good works al their life and they get shitted on....all their life (possibly even die horribly).

    There is a whole spectrum of what happens to good/bad people. I think people seek comfort in believing in such things.

    I mentioned horoscopes as well. There are folks that are Leos that the description of a Taurus. Yet people will believe in horoscopes if that day it happens to be right for a particular sign.

    Come the fuck on.

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    Do the Ferengi not say

    "No good deed goes unpunished"

    That is Karma non?
    Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum

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    I think karma is just an excuse for people to hide behind. It allows people that are too scared to do something that has to be done in an unscrupulous or perceived ‘wrong’ way from doing it.

    I also believe that karma is only deliberated upon by people that have no or little experience of hardship and suffering, and thus, have the time and effort to dwell on it. Karma is a poor excuse for someone to be a good person. You should be good for the sake of being good and not ‘just in case’ for the sake of karma. An evil person does not change their ways because of karma (except Earl), but because of the realisation of the error of their ways.

    You make up your own karma as you do luck.

    People also mix up karma with destiny/kismet/fate, which I do believe in, but as something that is completely unrelated to karma because the two are completely contrary.

    Anyway, my two cents.

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    I am not sure on this one. I think I need to finish watching My Name is Earl to decide.

    I am not sure why things happen as they do, things just happen. So I believe que sera, sera

    And that is my 2 cents

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    Oh, please...
    What would an enlightened person think?

    Should someone who does not believe in Karma be considered to be unenlightened at all (at all).
    “Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that.” -George Carlin

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    Welp, I definately believe in it, but I am pretty convinced by past lives too, so perhaps it is possible that karma persists through future lives as a method of developing your soul.

    Actually I guess maybe it is a bit simpler, all your actions good and bad have consequences, sometimes they aren't always evident to you or especially to others (we judge and condemn ourselves the worst at times).

    But then I also believe that when you die you experience everything good and bad that you cause including how your actions affect people interacting with those you directly impact.. A large number of people who have been clinicly dead and come back will describe exactly that..

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