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Thread: revolt screen and brief review

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    Recently there have been more than a few posters wondering about revolt. Someone asked if a screen of the forums could be posted. I thought I would do that as well as adding a few comments about the site. This screen shows the typical chatter that goes on in some of the upper levels of the site.

    revolt is a place for friends to get together and help each other. There is no concern for ratio since nobody there is greedy. Revolt users are people that you would loan your car to for a day and it would come back cleaner than it was before.

    Since we hold such high standards for each other, new users are treated carefully until they become more well known. Most of the lame reviews here have been from users who got in by trading their invites. We did have some problems for a while and managed to clean out all of the riff raff. Those new users did not have access to much of the site.

    Our tracker is used mainly for quick requests of older items. We have better ways of distributing the newer releases to each other. For that everyone contributes as they can and users take as they need. It kind of works like communism only better.

    The reason that there aren't any invites left around here are that anyone that has one doesn't need FTN or SCT or UK-T. We have an invite section of our own. It is kept neatly organized and usually a request is met will several immediate responses. There is no reason to trade when there are so many people that just want to help you out.

    We have had plenty of users from here popping into IRC to ask for invites. Some got them and most didn't. Many people seem to think that they know what revolt is about and they are wrong.

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    "FST Users are wankers"

    I suppose this does not help things

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    What about invites

    I need one to know the site well
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    lol i don't suppose you could give me one of those 10 invites that you have :<

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    Thanks for the info carbon, looks like a cool place

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    looks like an active forum
    thx for the review

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    Carbon75, are you a chemist?

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    Thanks for the info

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    great carbon....

    thnx and it was time someone who is IN to tell some things about this forum...before u tell all these we knew only things from others who aren't members

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    Looks like a nice place.

    Keep it that way and don't invite anyone from here.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheFoX View Post
    In the old days, if you misbehaved on a tracker, you got disabled, or worse, IP banned.

    Nowadays, there are more trackers than there are members, so if your tracker misbehaves, they get bookmark removed, or worse, URL deleted.

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