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Thread: Upside Down And Backwards!

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    I used Easy Video Splitter to split an avi and Nero to burn the new "halves" to VCD. The catch? It's now upside down and backwards. How can I prevent this?

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    do it twice, then itll be upside down, backwards, upside down, it'll be the right way

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    im sure theres a program to flip em

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    I used the Ffdshow filter to flip the film upside down.Then i made sure it was playing upside down in real player or media player.Then burn it using nero.Apparently it`s a problem with nero,but not all movies play upside down i gather it `s how it`s been encoded.

    Hope this helps it saves you turning your moniter upside down.

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    I had this problem when converting avi to mpeg to burn onto dvd..6 hours of my computers life wasted apparantly the is an option in bs player to flip it back but once burned it will always be the wrong way on disk.just glad i checked before burning would have been a few more hrs wasted


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