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Thread: Leeware: Context for uTorrent under Wine?

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    Hello, I'm trying to figure out my new leeware VPS.

    I've got utorrent running under wine just fine (thanks Buggyme!), but I cannot figure out how to access the context menu to do things like label and force recheck, etc.

    Question: How do I do a "right click" in utorrent running under wine on a Leeware machine to access the context menu?

    Much appreciation if you could provide the answer (or even a hink ).


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    Bump. Anyone know?

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    Works normally for me.

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    I'm using your install guide and running TightVNC viewer 1.3.8. I'm apparently not the only one:

    Would the use of twm have anything to do with it perhaps?

    Edit:Yup, sure does. Having removed twm the context menus work fine now.

    And, since I used twm once to resize the utorrent window and arranged columns to my liking, everything's stayed the same even after removing twm. I think this is a good thing.
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