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Thread: Nedd a good tracker.....

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    This is what i have to offer:
    HDBits account
    Digital-Hive 20 gb invite

    Need something thats worth something so i can trade for better trackers. So if there's a good soul otu there, please help me

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    With posts like this I don't feel like giving anything. If you would have said. I need a good tracker for such content becasue I have a hard time finding such stuff. Or if you have left the trading part out I would most likely help you out. But you just want accounts that you can trade?

    How about getting trackers that you will use? Trading is gay man. You can get so many great trackers for free too so there is no need to trade. You usually trade for rare trackers which are not the best and once you have all the ones you can get for free you really don't need the others at all.

    Also for free invites you gotta prove that you deserve them. For many of them, all you do is ask though. Some people give a lot of invites away no questions asked.


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