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Thread: Looking for Tranxit

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    I really don't know what I'm doing here. I'm looking for a downloadable copy of an ancient program called Tranxit. I have some files on an old IBM thinkpad running Windows 95 and it has Tranxit also. I don't have the network card for this machine, but I have parallel and serial cables and supposedly that program will transfer files in that way. The receiving machine also needs to have Tranxit and that's my problem. Can anyone help?

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    You can transfer files between computers using a null-modem serial cable and hyperterminal. Hyperterminal is included with win95.
    You have to manually start a transfer for each individual file which is a pain for lots of files. You can use hyperterminal to transfer a better program or zip up your files.

    You can also send a file over serial using a dos command. I forget exactly how, somthing like copy setup.exe COM1 or type setup.exe >COM1
    You have to ctrl-C it after it has sent all the data.

    There is also the option of taking the harddrive out of the laptop and connecting it to another computer with a 2.5" to 3.5" adapator. Transfering the drive from a win95 era thinkpad is a pain because you have to disassemble the drive caddy and you may have to mess with cable select.
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