Got this email tonight.

Following an evaluation of our business strategy we have concluded that we are unable to economically maintain our services within the residential sector. With regret, we are terminating your service in accordance with clause 5.4 of the terms and conditions which states the following:

“Either of us may end a Service or the contract by giving not less than thirty (30) days prior notice (written or verbal) to the other at any time after activation; notice will expire on the last day of the notice period or the last day of the Initial Period, whichever is later. You may end a Service or the contract if we notify you of a materially detrimental change to a Service or these Terms. In this case you may only terminate during the period of thirty (30) days following such notification.”

This notice shall take effect, and your services will cease, thirty days from the day after the date of this email. All services that you have live with Cable & Wireless Access and which will have been originally ordered from Bulldog will be disconnected at this time.