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Thread: Modern day cable uncapping resources

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    So, I would never try uncapping a cable modem on my home line, but I have this friend who has been collecting some old cable modems and he's planning on trying it since he's pissed that cumcast shut off his internet for being in the top 1% of traffic (and threatened to cut him off the net for a year if he hits the list again)..

    So, he's planning to try and talk someone else into letting him copy the info out of thier cable modem (seems kinda unlikely to me too) from another subnet so he can pretend to be them when the cable company comes looking for who is uncapping.. Well, I figure whoever's info he does borrow will point CC right at him if they do come knockin, but anyhow..

    The point of this post is, are there any good forums/resources that have good, updated info on evading detection in such a situation? I would rather not see him lose broadband for a year..

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    uncap and you will get pwnd for sure

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    It is quite likely that these "old" modems aren't DOCSIS compatible. If that's the case it is unlikely your friend will succeed in getting them to connect.

    The info on the link given above is seriously our of date, so be careful about taking notice of the detection avoidance advice. We wouldn't want you to lose your net for a year either.
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    Heh, I wont lose mine, but damn if the admins here arent persistant about blocking portable torrent clients .. My life is so boring while they are putting in new switches, a fiber backbone and cat 6 cabling (and they weren't even @ 5e and already the bandwidth was 8mb/sec down, 2 up).. Muahaha..

    Today I'ma poke around on ebay and see if I cannot find me a half decent lappy, and build a cantenna.. Hehe..

    Edit: only sticky point is laying hands on a car adapter plug..

    I'm thinking about playing with these things.. See if they can be adapted for torrent uses..
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    Anyone have any opinions of the legitimacy of this site? My friend is suspicious bc someone posted it on comments to an ebook torrent that he trusts a lot as a lot better resource (He thinks they are a setup)..


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