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Thread: Can you say: NEW DEMONOID INTERFACE!?!?

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    But due some recent events, and following the advice of a lot of you, we will make a few more changes that might take a few days longer. As always, thanks for you continued support and patience. For the ones wondering, the timing of the downtime was coincidental.

    Edit: We are currently performing some changes to the servers.

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    Hmm, I don't think they'll change it, will they?

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    I bet they will rename the place is Deviloid.

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    It's obvious that they are making some sort of change. I hope they finally add in the memberlist.

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    If you want to look up a specific person on Demonoid, just click on your own profile and change your name to the person you want to look up in the URL.

    I don't think they'll ever get the actual member list going.
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    super cool,
    really? a new interface??

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    I like the UI before it shut down. It definitely gave it some character. Another tracker by the name ProjectOxide stole Demonoid's UI and used it as their own.

    They're obviously doing something though. There's no way a system restore would take this long. I hope Demonoid comes back online soon.
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    It looks unlikely to me that they are going to change the stylesheet or interface. They might modify or add some features.
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    What ever there doing over there they got me excited
    Its been awhile but I'm back... well sort of.

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