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Thread: The Clone Of Fasttrack Movies?

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    Thanks for comparing my site to Fasttrack Movies. That is the website that got me interested in sig2dat. It also made me make a site that offered correct files from Kazaa because I have had the hateful experience of trying to download XXX The Movie and getting Half Baked or downloading programs and them never working or having viruses. But just to let everyone know, it has just started and I plan on having my 400+ movies and my 1000+ music videos verified downloads up soon that I have downloaded. After that I will be adding different languages for convience for non-English peoples and the people that are currently visiting my site[French, German, Dutch and Swedish will most liking be first]. So visit, it is all free and just making it easier for you to download off Kazaa clients.

    SIG2DAT: Downloading Made Easier


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