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Thread: Converting Xvid Mpeg4 .avi

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    ok, this could be quite a long post so bear with me lol

    I downloaded signs.avi 701 meg last night, thinking i would convert it to svcd qith tmpeg, I tried to do it with vbr 1960 bitrate, but it told me the file size would be 4gig, well thats far to big as ive only got a 12 gig hdd, so by the time i convert it, probably over 48 hours with a size like that, and try to split it, i might as well download the svcd version (if i could find it).

    I also gave it a go in hero video converter but that said 3gig, so i tried to mess around with the settings in tmpeg and put the bitrate down to 600kbs, this gave me a filesize of 1.4 gig, now this would be perfect but what i would like to know is will i lose a lot of quality by putting it down to 600kbs or will the difference not be noticable.

    I also tried vcd with tmpeg but again the filesize was going to be 3gig, but in hero it was 819meg, but tompeg.exe crashed on me 5 times when i tried to convert it.

    I would idealy like it to be svcd as the quality is better than vcd, but i dont want to wait 14+ hours on 600kbs bitrate only to find out the quality is crap.

    any help would be appreciated, and i also seen another post on another forum where someone says that if you do svcd the bitrate shouldnt be any less than 2550kbs, well i tried this and the filesize was oing to be over 6gig lol


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    If i remember right signs is a long film 2 - 3hrs, so if you lower the bitrate the quality will suffer, have you tried constant bitrate instead of vbr?

    3 or 4 cd should be right if you want higher quality with longer films for instance centrophy just released lotr two towers svcd was 4 cds.

    Have you also ripped/decompressed the audio from the movie, as you will have no sound if you dont, because tmpgenc cant encode sound from compressed audio sources like avi's.

    edit: just checked imdb and the movie is only 106mins, maybe it's the version of tmpgenc your using, get the lastest version tmpgencplus from and pm me for serial

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    well ive done 3 avis before this one, with tmpeg and never bothered ripping the sound before and they worked perfectly. i might try to set the bitrate to about 1000 as that should give me a file size of about 2.1gig so perfect for 3 disks. and just hope for the best lol.

    The problem is my pc is crap, so its going to take me 14hrs+ to do this, and i have to leave my pc alone so no downloading or anything, i might just try to find the svcd of it on irc or newsgroups though, and wait till i get a better pc to do this.



    Ps and the CBR with svcd was going to put the filesize at 6gig lol

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    I'm a real novice at this but i found a link you might want to take a look at, i was having real problems with 2 xvid files until i found this


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    all u got to do is convert the audio file into wav. file w/ vdub and the size should be normal. if vdub wont let u do it use goldwave to load the video file and save it as a wav. htat help me.


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