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Thread: Wireless Network

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    Not sure where to put this:

    So im in Australia at the minute travelling around and have a laptop with me. Now in the hostel im staying at there are a couple of wireless networks available but both are secure. Now is there a way to bypass the encryption to get access to the net?? Is there any other way for me to connect to the net on my laptop.


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    Maybe the hotel provides is own a pay wifi hot spot.. ask the staff
    Because what you're asking is pretty much related to hacking and therefore i don't think it can be discused here
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    i have asked the staff and no there is no wi-fi access. is there a card i can buy to allow me access to the net. i think vodafone did one in the uk??

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    No. Insomnia is right.
    There are other places on the web that deal with this.
    It is pretty simple to learn how to bypass WEP encryption, but you won't learn about it here.

    Thread closed.


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