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Thread: Problem With 2 Fast 2 Furious Nox

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    could someone plase tell me how to burn 2.Fast.2.Furious.INTERNAL.SVCD.TS-NOX to VCD?
    i have downloaded the file but for some reason there are 3 folders, CD1 and CD2 which i can understand, and then theres another folder called 2.Fast.2.Furious.INTERNAL.SVCD.TS-NOX.

    CD1 and CD2 folders have the correct bin and cue files in them but when i burn them i get an error saying canot open files. in the other folder there are bin and cue files for cd1 and cd2 but when i try to burn these it only takes a second and doesnt burn anything 2 disk.

    file sizes are
    CD1.bin 827,675 KB
    CD2.bin 827,156 KB

    the cue files are 123 bytes, and 135 bytes

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    download VCDgear and copy the Videofiles to your HD this way you don't have to burn it to cd's

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    Originally posted by nickmumby@16 June 2003 - 10:50
    file sizes are
    CD1.bin 827,675 KB
    CD2.bin 827,156 KB
    what size of discs are you using?

    presumably you're overburning to some extent, this may be what's causing the error in the vcd's you burn to disc

    try using larger cd's

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    its your cue files i had the same problem. Open the cues with notepad and change the bit that syas FILE to match the name of the BIN file. It should look like this
    FILE "2f2f-cd1nox.bin" BINARY do the same with cd2 now you can burn em but i dont know if they will fit on your cd


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