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Thread: Backing Up Ps2 Game Saves

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    I know the ps2 has an ilink port, and so does my sony laptop pc, so im just wondering if its worth buying an ilink cable, as i have downloaded 50+ ps2 games and with only 2 memory cards there isnt a lot of room to save anymore without deleting other saved games. so i was wondering if its possible to connect the 2 together and copy saved games onto my laptop hdd.

    If this is possible it would be a lot cheaper than buying other Memory cards as these are 28 pound each.



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    there was a usb system that was used a while back. you had to have the correct action replay disc, but i also think you needed to have a memory card type piece of hardware.
    i'll have a look for the disc, but no guarantees

    don't know anything about ilink ports though

    edit: here's a link to what i was talking about:


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