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Thread: Wmv Codecs

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    (1) recently, i downloaded a wmv file. however, when i play it i can only hear the sound but no picture.

    can anyone tell me what codec i need ( i have already installed xvid and divx).

    (2) I have 2 mpg files which are about 200mb each. when I play them, the player shows the length of the movie as 10min. however, only after about a minute the picture stops but the sound continues.

    do u know what could be wrong.

    ( i am not connected to internet when i play the above files)


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    i watch my .wmv files in my Windows Media Player version 9, thats the format for that player so download it and it should work on it.
    Also the k-lite codec pack from the website.

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    Remove the DIVX and XVID from your HD and install the K-lite Codec pack


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