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Thread: UPloading to Leeware via FTP

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    Does anyone know how to configure vsftpd for FTP uploads?

    I'd like to upload the files of a torrent I've created for seeding, but with WinSCP it's going to take forever.

    I've got vsftpd running and can download just fine, but when I connect (as anonymous) I get permisson denied error upon MKD, etc.

    So, other than FTPing in as root, how can I set up vsftpd to allow me FTP write access?

    OR, is there a better/faster way to get my files to my Leeware server?

    I've looked at vsftpd.conf but it's not clear to me. Much appreciation for any replies.

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    setting a linux ftp server is taking a long time ... you should better set up an ftp server at home, and connect with ftp client to it with your box ...

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    I hadn't thought about that... I do have an FTP server at home (Bulletproof).

    Can you recommend a client for use on the Leeware box? Perhaps a few simple set up steps, please?

    Something just installable via yum and controllable over VNC, no?

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    Well, I hardly want to install and run Firefox just to get an FTP client.

    I'm mokeying with Filezilla under wine ATM and it's getting good speeds but is kinda clunky.

    Perhaps I'll have to try gftp.


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