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Thread: Content In Soldier Of Fortune 2

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    Can you disembowel people like in SOF 1, I can't seem to do that, but I'm using the shotgun on Prague: Hotel...That should cause some damage? I can totally pulverise their bodies but I can't see any intestines!

    Also, when ever I use a hand grenade on live people their bodies just go flying from the explosion, however, when they're dead, they get blown to absolute pieces.

    Is this normal? I downloaded the game off Kazaa and had to do a whole lot of stuff to unlock the blood. But I'm pretty sure I've got excessive gore. I can blow their heads to pieces, blow off arms and watch the blood squirt out, etc etc.

    I'm also playing with Texture and Image Quality on High...Will putting it on Very High allow more violence or not? Or is the above not possible in SOF 2, just in number 1?

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    What more do you want you can allready shoot of all parts of the body individual.
    Would you like to see guts falling out in real time animated?

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    When I shoot them in the stomach a lot, while they're still alive, I get a death animation of them holding there intestines. Very nice.


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