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Thread: Nindendo DS emulator?

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    Just wondering if there are any Nintendo DS emulators to run their games on a PC?

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    is everything.

    Compatibility ain't too great though.

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    i couldn't play the new super mario on that, so i had to buy a real one. now the only problem is that i'm too lazy to get an m3 simply card.

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    Since 1-2 months, DS emulators upgraded quite alot. Speed is really close to fullspeed on many games (depend also of your PC specs..). With no$GBA 2.4b or Ideas you can play FF III with sound near fullspeed in closed/small areas like caverns, houses, dongeons.. That a great improvement in a short period of time. As for FF III again, no$gba sound emulation is ahead of ideas but Ideas is slightly faster + with out textures errors.


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