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Thread: Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

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    Hello Is there a working rip on kazaa? when i search i saw 2 rips but is any of those 2 real? if not post the hashes for iso

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    I downloaded DF from kazaa a while back - I recall it was somewhere around 700 to 740MB. It worked for me. Sorry I don't remember the exact size.

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    anyone else can confirm?

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    black hawk down = ims-dfbd.bin ( i got it from kazaa and it worked) sorry don't no the exact file size.. it is around 780mb
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    is there a rip?

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    i dont think there is a rip on kazaa, there is only a cd image. Cd images are the best thing to get anyway, cus there complete.

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    how do you use cd imaes.
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