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Thread: NBA Draft '07

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    Who's getting picked first?

    Quote Originally Posted by Busyman™ View Post
    Who's getting picked first?
    I think the 7-foot Chinese fella, Yi, will be picked 5th.

    I think Kevin Garnett will be traded tonight.

    There's going to be a whole lotta wheelin' and dealin'.

    I think Corey Brewer goes 3rd.

    Starts 7pm on ESPN.
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    The trailblazers already announced that they'll pick Oden for the #1 spot so no suspense there.

    Brewer third? Thats a bit high for him aint it?

    I'm going with what the ESPN analysts have predicted and pick Horford at 3rd. Although he's a bit old (24) for an NBA rookie.
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    i know nada about the NBA


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