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Thread: Indietorrents giveaway!

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    I'm giving away 1 invite, post a ratioproof with todays date and tell me why you want to take part of the material!

    Over and out!

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    It's very wholesome to eat and drink, but what profits it to board?
    What thou givest away is thine,what thou keepest is lost

    Shota Rustaveli

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    I would really like an indietorrents invite


    I love indie music, and I find it cool that there are people who make this music without thinking so much about the big money. The don't want the big labors to take control over the music. I really enjoy OiNK. But a site dedicated only for indie music... nice!

    I'm not going to trade the invite, and as you can see on my previous posts, I have been looking for indietorrents.


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