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Thread: Starting a tracker

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    So, was reading some commentary by brokep saying he'd help ppl setup trackers.. I'ma take him up on it.. Anyone else have skills, resources so we can get it up? I wanna try and host it from a p2p friendly country, and I have in mind integrating the more pragmatic 'Web 2' type stuff into something really different trackerwise..

    The plan is to probably start out with a basic tb type (from the US unless I hear from someone living somewhere much cooler soonest) site modded with some useful mods, and then have my coder buddy read through the code and start adding new features..

    Anyone interested please PM with email/IM/myspace/whatever.. I'll be in touch..

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    at the beginning just host from home

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    what kind of torrents are you thinking of? general or like e-learning, sports, etc

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    @ Eliteman, yeah that is probable.. I dont think there is too much risk to small, new trackers when they are just starting out.. Only the 'big fish' they go after.. I'm just thinking in the longer term I would like to be able to have the balls of someone like brokep, and not worry about the anti-pirate industry..

    @kapowcowpwned Well, honestly I was thinking about that just a bit ago riding to where I'm at now, and I think my plan is to start out with very similar content to something like bitme.. Educational stuff, applications, and so on.. Stuff that people can really use to improve thier lives.. But eventually once I get together a solid base of data suppliers, I will probably add more catagories.. Games, music, maybe music videos possibly movies but that would be well far off on the list of priorities.. I would do television shows, but pretty much everyone is pretty able to get what they need from eztv, although as brokep points out it would be good to have alternatives to sites like that in case anything happens to them..

    I guess a better answer would be that the central focus of my tracker is going to very much have and be about the 'web 2.0' mentality. So, the answer to what kinds of data I will focus on will be whatever people decide they want to provide and access, in the long view. I'm thinking to mould it very much in the image of a sophisticated, spam-preventing tool similar in some ways to digg and wikipedia (but in the case of digg without all the repeated, duplicate information)..

    Also, the plan is to have a means of seperating newer releases from the rest of the data, and getting those well-catagorized, as well as providing a lot of ways to get at in-demand older versions of certain software when the updates arent so desireable (too much bloat, different interface, loss of features, etc, etc.)

    The idea is to really put a lot into it, make it very flexible, well organized, customizeable, and allow the users to have the ultimate say about what the most useful features and interface is for thier needs..

    Edit: By the way, it occurred to me that I should point out that me personally, I don't really have accounts on a lot of good private trackers yet, but am working hard at changing that.. Just managed to get an oink the other day if I can ever connect there (keep getting a dns error on 2 different isps for some reason)..

    Second edit: I have very limjited computer capabilities until possibly as late as the 13th of next month.. Such as, I cannot download anything.. Also, the most difficult part, that everyone should really know before getting involved is at the moment, I dont have any income, no money, so that is maybe the biggest challenge to my plans..
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    @ bad_andy
    DNS fix
    \windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file
    enter this with note pad:

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    Thanks gish.. I will try that on a box where I can edit that stuff


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