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Thread: High Def on a laptop

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    If i download a movie that is HD and i watch it on my laptop will i be able to notice the difference? The graphics card is the nvidia go 7300

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    From my perspective, hell yes. when I used to watch super natural on my laptop (1440x900 or something) it was a lot clearer than the 350mb files. (The HD ones were 700mb-1GB.

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    I'm not sure if you mean
    • a degradation in picture comparing your laptop to a HD TV system
    • an improvement in picture compared to a non-HD download

    If you mean the first, then the answer is that your laptop almost certainly has a resolution as good as a decent HDTV system so you should see no loss in quality.

    If you mean the second then, as stated by Shiranai_Baka, you will see a dramatic improvement in image quality.
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