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Thread: Ok Guys Help Needed!

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    Ok I have downloaded Simcity4cd1.is0 and need to know what to do next. i amusing Nero Express for my cd rewriter software. Noob here. lol

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    Burn it as an image file using Nero,which you can get a sig for in the verifieds in softwareworld.

    Next time try and post in the correct section of the forum,thanks.

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    Sorry about that.... correction though.... the actual file name is simcity4cd1.iso.exe.... will that affect it in anyway... using xp..... so how do i remove the .exe.... when i right click and go to properties it says simcity4cd1.iso but when i goto programs section it says the .exe on it.... I am lost. lol

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    first you need winISO to open the files, then you can mount the image/iso file on a vitural drive(daemon tools). run the setup wizard to install, when it says insert disk 2 ,just mount disk 2 into the vitural drive. this is an easy way of doing it without having to burn to cd


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