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Thread: How do use Keygens?

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    Hey everyone, I'm a newbie here and I need help with using a Keygen for TomTom Navigator 6 downloaded from a torrent. I have a Palm T|X PDA with a old version of TomTom 5 and want to use the newer version. I tried using the instructions provided in the download but it was in a different language like German and Spanish. I put in the codes for the TT6 but it did not activate. If someone could help me in any way...I would really appreciate it. It would be best for me to use some chat like AIM or Yahoo! Thanks!

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    Hmm, I'm not sure what the problem is. The keygen should be a .exe file. Just double click it and it will give you a serial. You might need to paste some sort of authentication code in the keygen or write your name/email but that's about it.

    If you're still stuck pm me

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    First of all welcome to FST and congrats on you first post but please read the rules because only torrent topics should go in the torrent section. plus you are not allowed to ask or talk about hacks, keygens or serials in any way it is strictly not allowed.
    but if you send me a PM I would be happy to help. please edit the name of the program you want to crack.

    Anyway welcome to FST

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    Found out how to make it work. Thanks anyways!

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    Yeah usually if it doesn't work what you need to do is run it in Windows 95,98 mode etc.

    Right click>>Properties>compatibility mode>

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    Or sometimes make sure the map's *.mid file is in the same directory as the keygen and sexecute from a DOS prompt quoting the whole path and case sensitive filename.

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