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Thread: slow download problem

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    I have had to change to sky broadband but am only getting a max of 10kb/sec download. I have forwarded the ports and my connection is ok. I have enabled encryption on utorrent and still no difference. After Utorrent has been running for a few minutes I lose my internet connection, but utorrent works ok (Just very slow)

    Has anyone had a similar problem which they managed to solve...please let me know.


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    You could have bad wiring in and around your house,i never had sky broadband so i guess somebody that has will know better then me.Good luck with your problem though.Do some google searching.

    If it doesn't get better try changing isp's that always works.
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    lots of people are supposedly having problems with sky (slow speed, connection dropping etc), but you still should be able to download faster than that. Have u tried testing your connection speed? (


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