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Thread: Dvd Copy Problem

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    Using an NEC 1100A 4X with Nero, DVD XCOPY, Ulead DVD workshop and Adobe Premier, I can not get a copy I made to generate copies. I can burn from the original disc, which is no longer in my posession, but can not copy from the discs I made.

    Any advice would help! I am putting this in Software world too!

    this is DVD +RW +R

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    yeah, i read somewhere that DVDXCopy puts a file on your copied dvd that prevents you from making more copies. Basically, they are just trying it make sure that only people who "own" the original can make copies of it. It's something they had to do to appease the MPAA. But, now that you've copied the original, you can use smartripper or something like that to rip it again, and the burn the movie, menu, and extra files to another DVD using nero. I've gotten that to work before. Just look for extra files that don't seem to belong...hope that helps out.


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