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Thread: LM Help!! (I can't get the site to display English)

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    OK I feel really dumb for posting this... but I just got into LM... but I can't figure out how to switch this site to English!!!! I can blindly wonder through the site... and I think I have the right box checked... but it just won't take effect. What am I missing?!?!

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    You are not missing anything...
    This is a Lithuanian tracker and you should have known that before you joined it...

    All menus are NOT in english!

    I bet you were the "victim" of the WIAW list, and you weren't really interested about this tracker...

    So, what are you going to do about it now?

    I bet your next question will be how to get invites there...
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    does it matter? the files you download will, for the most part, be in english.


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