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Thread: Championship Manager 4

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    I have downloaded the bin and cue files. Put it on a CD. Installed it wiht problems.
    Tried to play keeps telling me i have inserted the wrong CD into the drive.
    What i am desperately looking for is a NO-CD crack for CM4.
    Can anyone help me.
    I have just downloaded 'one' from Kazaa, but guess what, it is a f*cking virus that won't let me delete it. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Thanks for the help

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    there should be one on the cd, just browse the cd find the crack folder and copy the crack into the install directory, if you run any update patches though you will need a new crack for the version of the update


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    Cheers, I found it.
    Hopefully managed to remove the virus aswell by just removing and reinstalling Kazaa Lite.


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