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Thread: Onimusha

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    is there one? i downloaded the game, all 4 cds, from SuprNova and when i try to play it it asks for the cd...i looked on all the major sites but nothing...anyone had the same problem and have a solution for it?

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    I dident even know that you can get it one pc.

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    Have you search the cd's themselves to see if there is a 'crack' folder containing the nocd crack? Most of the games contain this folder. Try, might find one there.
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    yes...and tried that site too..nothing,..oh well.

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    i got the no cd crack but its for ps2 sorry

    LOL j/k i couldnt resist

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    I heard people are playing it with the image mounted on Daemon Tools

    Read the user comments on sharereactor

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    If you do get it working you may need this info

    For those that have trouble starting the game in english!

    (title screen when starting a new game)
    First Line is 'New Game'
    Second Line is 'Options'
    Third Line is 'Exit'

    (title screen when loading from a saved file)
    First Line is 'New Game'
    Second Line is 'Load Game'
    Third Line is 'Options'
    Fourth Line is 'Exit'

    (Under options menu)
    First line represents the spoken dialogue (in English or Japanese)
    Second line represents the subtitles and in-game text (in chinese or english)

    Hope that helps to those who need it.


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