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Thread: Matrix Reloaded "girley Movie"

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    is all about making canoe reaves the No1 heartthrob in the world.
    you got a bit of the Matrix

    a bit of James Bond "car chases etc"

    far too much crouching boredom hidden boredom. "desguised as fight scenes for the lads. but realy there to enhance point 1."

    The only good thing about it is when you take your misses to see it because she made you go to Pearl Harbour then it'll remind her of the sappy love interst bullshity bit that you hated from Pearl Harbour

    Look. dont bother it blows if you don't believe me then listen for the falling pins sound as Kanoe topples some agents

    Had me reaching for the remote.

    Just think it has to get better and trust me it doesn't

    Neil the Anticlimaxed.

    EDIT : P.S the special effects deserve the budget just

    Rdit 2
    about 35 mins left and all i can say if you are a girl and you don't like this type of movie the stick with it.

    their spending less now on effects and more on Kanoe's coat ruffle.
    Now we know who fabio left his inheritance to.

    Will stick in there for all those guys who have girls who hate sappy movies
    especially when they bring a love interest in just for the Xfiles fans.


    "There's a reason I'm here there's a reason were all here" to sell a second rate game.
    and to have another shag.

    what happened to the plot?


    Not quite sure but we got superman wscaping from his home planet"Circa 1956'ish
    A load of kanoe surely looking a sexsymbol by now
    Sorry to bang on about Kanoe but it's bloody aweful
    he can't turn a corner without him getting on it.

    even the femail readers don't go for that

    Neil. is realy bored and can't sleep.

    Can't wait for the end

    Edit : So "obiwan" is the one, or is it the prophet reborn,

    Honestly I couldn't care less.

    to sum up

    If you don't mind the matrix, think Ghost was romantic and polteguist was scary
    and you absolutely loved the first half of Pearl Harbour then this is the film for you.

    sorry I think it sucks but it aint a blokes movie.

    Neil. hoping not to be acused of being a feminist sympathiser.

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    I'd like to see what kind of movies this guy does think are 'bloke' movies

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    Originally posted by Neil__@17 June 2003 - 01:58
    is all about making canoe reaves the No1 heartthrob in the world.
    after reading that I had to stop.. Canoe Reaves? I think everybody is more stupid after reading that

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    this post would have been much better flame bait if it weren't so long and rambling with 50 EDITs and BRBs in it. if you want to start an argument, keep it brief and simple, type in all capitals, and curse more.

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    wow.. um i think his arguement toples any argument about matrix reloaded. I believe that trully i do.

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    well i just have one thing to say to this. "WHAT A BIG BAG OF BOLLOCKS"

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    its a movie for both sexes in my opinion.

    just more guys like it than girls.

    the ridiculous love scene in reloaded shows the geeky-ass interpretation of what a "love scene" is supposed to be, mixed with silly techno dancing by the members of zion. wachowski or however u spell their name, they have no idea.....

    maybe they tried to appeal to women with that...... , i dunno

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    I think seeing all those spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors dropped my IQ by 70 points, and I'll never get that back

    and it's KEANU

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    gee i dont get it pa

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    Heh. He could have at least finished watching the movie before he starting typing. You know, gather his thoughts first...

    That being said... god damn. He convinced with the first 10 words. What was I thinking when I enjoyed the movie? I must've been sober or something. Neil_ is my savior. All bow before Neil_.

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