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    Here is my delima, I'm buildong a computer to put next to my tv, I plan on running both my satiliet and antnena (for local channels) to the computer and then to the tv. My question is what progream should i use. Or should I just use windows media center and do it that way. Also if i runt them through the car, do i need the computer to be on to watch them? Any post is appreceated and hashes for any softawre is welcomed too.

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    Check out Media Center 9.0 by J River. Full Tivo support and a great all around program. MC 9.0

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    Originally posted by neevakee@17 June 2003 - 03:44
    Also if i runt them through the car, do i need the computer to be on to watch them?
    I think you'll need a long cord to run it through your car!

    I think you meant card.

    Running through your PC is not a practical idea. The PC must be on. If you do get it to work, you may lose image quality.

    Well, here's what I do, I use my PC as a "TIVO", but I have to split the cable. One for the actual television, one for the PC. BUT, I slao have DIGITAL cable TV, which means a special decoder box is needed (rent this from thr cable company for an extra fee). I'm too cheap to rent a box, so I use an A/B switch from the digital box in my living room and divert DIGITAL channels to the PC. The draw-back is that I can't change the digital channels in the living room, it will also change the channels on my PC.

    I use a video capture card on channel "3" for the digital box.


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