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Thread: Cannot connect to

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    I'm trying to download some drivers for my laptop, since, as you may know from my previous post, I just installed a new version of Windows XP Student Edition.
    And it's just my luck that I'd run into another problem.
    When connecting to I get a "Problem Loading Page" error in firefox.
    See if you can download it.

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    The download works for me.

    Here's the file:
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    Thanks it's working for me on my other computer. It was probably my firewall blocking ftp or something..

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    I have noticed that when my PC can not access an ftp site thru the browser, often flasget will get the download with no problems.

    Also to get around the problem without too much foolin around, download Filezilla, a freeware ftp client. Then using just the first part of the address (, paste it into the address field on the left and hit quick connect. By referencing the download link (/pub/softpaq/sp30001-30500/), move to the correct folder. Filezilla will download to whatever folder is highlighted on the left from the right (highlight what you want to download on the right and right click) you can download files only, not folders, so if what you want has a folder structure you have to recreate it on your end. This occurs when the progam you want is not just an exe file but a setup with autorun.inf and setup.exe in the root with folders for specific segments. You have to copy these exactly as they appear for them to function correctly.


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